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Most hard money lenders say they have great teaser rates and endless cash to loan on your projects, but when it comes down to they hide huge fees in origination and the rates they promise are for 40% loan to value loans.

Who uses a 40% Loan to as-is value? Almost no flippers I have met. They want to keep their money moving. To top it off, they require mountains of paperwork, LLC filings, and a dozen other requirements.

If you are like us, you hate paperwork. You will go with whomever makes it easiest to get your project funded. Am I right?

We specialize in low document loans. We don't need your credit score, We don't need a personal guarantee.

We fund loans in as short as a few days and work with all sizes of outfits. We service our loans inhouse so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the fray.

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