At Boyd Management, LLC, we strive to give our clients the best service possible and make the entire process as efficient as possible. We've worked with lots of great people over the years. Here's what just a few have had to say about working with our team.

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"My expectations were it was going to be a hassle, a lot of paperwork, they were probably going to charge so many points or origination fees upfront, but that wasn't the case with Boyd Management."


"Before we partnered with Boyd Management for funding we were using another hard money lender with similar terms, but that made us jump through endless hoops to get a deal done. Credit checks, corporate docs, and an endless supply of paperwork requests distracted us from finding our next deal. We were referred to Boyd Management through another rehabber that had been using them for over a year and spoke highly of them. Now we see why. The loan origination process was simple and straightforward with no hidden BS.  We paid what they said we would pay at the beginning of the process and that was important to us. I am happy to say I now spend no time on dealing with financing which has really helped grow our business."

David W.

"The perfect client for Boyd Management will be an investor, somebody who wants to close quick, less hassles. The fees are not astronomical like some of the ones I've seen, it's just an efficient system that was created. It continues to have great success."


We were a cash buyer before we took advantage of a wholesale property purchased with pre-approved funding from Boyd Management at 75% LTV. We couldn’t believe how easy the process was. They need a property appraisal and that was it.  We ended up coming to closing needed 30% of the cash we typically needed to buy cash. Because of that, we were able to buy 2 additional deals with the same capital in the following weeks. 1 more with pre-approved financing from a wholesaler and another deal we found on our own and sent over to them to fund. The process was just as easy. Can’t recommend them enough."

Jorge C.

"Their communication is top notch. The team over at Boyd and the way that they underwrite their loans, the quality of assets that they have, makes my job a lot easier. I don't lose sleep over any of the assets that I purchased from Boyd."


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