Transaction funding is often used by wholesalers to complete double closings on high profit deals. Boyd Management offers transaction funding at 1.5% of the funds needed to purchase the property on any amount up for $500,000.

Wholesalers can receive FREE transactional funding when their property is sold to a 3rd party using a Boyd Management Hard Money loan. Contact us for more information.

Transactional Funding is for A – B and B – C closing transactions that take place as simultaneously as possible. To fund these transactions we must approve them at least 24 hours in advance of the closings.  Funds to purchase the property due from the end-buyer (“C”) MUST be wired into the closing agent and these funds cleared in their escrow account prior to the A – B closing for the Transactional Funding to be approved.
Transactional Funding is limited to one to three days.  If the closing for the B – C leg takes longer additional rates will apply and these will be equivalent to hard money rates or per diem charges will apply.

 (1.5%) of the funds needed to purchase the property on any amount up to $500,000.

We fund 100% of this purchase price.

Above this amount, rates are available only by request.

All transactions also have a $50 wire fee.


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